My Photographic Bucket List

Oh man I have a new website and blog and I am PUMPED about it! I used Showit5 and I’ll have talk about that another time but I really like it and all the features and options for control I have.

I am not sure if I have a normal bucket list. I have things I want to do but they are not things like jump out of an airplane…

But I definitely have a photographic bucket list and I have been thinking about it a lot lately

  1. Disney Wedding- It hasn’t been a year since we were there and I very much dreaming of being back. Every detail is so thought out in the park I know a wedding would be right up my alley.Disney Princess Wedding Photographer
  2. New York Elopment- Ha, isn’t this the total opposite? I just fell so in love with the buildings and city I would photograph some one getting married… or even just an engagement shoot would satisfy me.New York City 30 Rock Wedding Elopement Photographer
  3. Dallas/Texas wedding- I give the Texan a hard time about his die hard love for the Lone Star State but I do really love the place. ALL the sayings they have about Texas are laughably true (except for all my ex’s living there… they are actually still in my hometown, bummer) so I deeply want to photograph more there.Texas Dallas country skyline by Wedding Photographer

Happy weekend!


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