25th Birthday Model A Ride

I don’t remember when I decided I loved early Fords, I find them ascetically  pleasing. I like their boxiness and dimension, basically all the things that make them not aerodynamic.

For my 25th birthday, the Texan surprised me with with a ride around town in our friend Mr. Jones’ Model A.

Of the two of us he has always been the better gift giver. And date rememberer. All around just more considerate really. But this year I was impressed with the thought behind this idea. I have known Mr. Jones for years and known he had these cars but it never crossed my mind to ask to ride in one.

I am also impressed because Texan offered cookies as payment so I essentially paid for my own gift. My guy is pretty clever like that…

This car is beautiful and GREEN, my favorite. I learned a lot like that Henry Ford wanted to make a car that could be worked on on the side of the road so it had to be simple and the gas tank is where we normally expect a glove box to be.

It was perfect day to driving around in a car without air conditioning and by the end I think Texan was convinced that we need one in the future.



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