You’d like to think You’re Immune to the Stuff

I have enjoyed the past two weeks because I got to get my feet wet in some aspects of photography that I was not familiar with before.
My photography class is learning film from the ground up. I am loving the simplicity of it. All I can do is use what I know about light exposure, and composition an hope for the best. No histogram, no LCD, and no immediate gratification of know what the picture looks like. it slows me down and I love it.

Since this camera was made from 1976-1984 so I have been listening to my favorite songs from that time.

If you listen to one song on this post it should be this one… It’s just good.

My next new-to-me-project is studio portraits. One of my girls needed head shots for her pageant coming up and my mentor graciously loaned me her her studio and lighting equipment. I have never done anything like it but I love these, they are just so pretty (it helps how pretty Jessi is) and I hope I get to do them again soon.

Side note I miss these skies

Reading “The Lucky One”. I have never been a Sparks fan but my gosh I can’t put this down.
This song is stuck in my head. 

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