What You’re Missing in Augusta- History Edition

There is a pretty big divide when it comes to opinions on Augusta. There are those that called it “Disgusta,” most of those people are ages 22 and under though, then there are those that are like the canal is pretty awesome and the food is getting better like every week. I am in the second group. I am, also as I have said before, so boring. This means exploring my city better include some history.

I follow the Augusta Museum of History on Instagram because our wedding reception was there and I always like to see what they are up to. I saw a few posts about their Members Night Out and felt like I was missing out. I looked the schedule for the next event and it was train themed. I love trains. That was actually largely why I wanted my reception there.

The night was advertised as all ages but Texan was concerned we would look creepy being adults who just wanted to learn about trains so we made a last minutes decision was made to bring our nephew. Just to clarify plenty of people were there that didn’t have kids with them, they were just fifty years older than us so this only solidifies our status and grandma/grandpa.

The night it self was so fun. The children’s entry fee was only four dollars and they had crafts, an interactive little passport, and cool little patch for H. The workers were so kind to him and the lecture was even given by a guy in conductors uniform. H was interested enough for us to be there for almost two hours, which probably the cheapest two hours possible for a kid. And it was educational.  We ending up spending more at Sonic after for shakes and mozzarella sticks.

I so want to be the aunt that buys her nieces and nephews every gift they ask for and bags and bags of candy. But I buy them books and take them museums…it’s just who I am. Actually, gave them a drum once. That makes me cool right?LMJ_10502016-05-06 17.59.21-1


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