What to Wear {Fall Edition}

This a continuation from this post going over the basics of what to wear to a photoshoot, adding in the seasonal options that I love about this time of year. Hopefully it can give some more specific ideas to start with. And it just happen to work out perfectly with my shoot with Jessie and Bianca. Fashion was very important for them with this session. Jessie has an amazing fashion blog that I suggest you start following to be inspired with fashion regularly.

  • Simple, small patterns or solids. Same as before bug patterns draw your eye thus making whatever part of your body they are look bigger. This is usually not ideal.

  • Colors; Embrace neutrals and darks. While leaves and surroundings are so bright and vibrant, look to tone down your session outfits. With all the variations going on behind, the last thing you want is to be lost in it.
  • Layers. Layers are great not only because they allow you to change up the look quickly but the different textures and colors will add interests to your pictures. So if the temp allows pull out the scarves, cardigan, pea coats, hats…

  • Smokey Eye. Since your summer tan maybe/has faded, take this chance to bring contrast to your face and attention to your eyes.

  • Boots. Take advantage of the fall staple, boots can be slimming and elongating your legs, which is awesome.

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