Waiting on Wildflowers

Augusta Florist Waiting on Wildflowers Organic Natural Flower Designer

It’s crazy to me to see how far Cherie and I have come… We have known each other for years but then reconnected because of our mutual love of fonts, which then lead to me printing her wedding invitations. And now we see her and her husband Lee, a minimum of once a week and I’ve even started going to a bootcamp class she teaches. Genuine community in business and personal-life can be hard to find so I consider myself lucky to have found someone who is both so effortlessly.

Her floral design business¬†Waiting on Wildflowers¬†has blossomed the last year (considered removing this accidental pun during the final edit, decided to own it.) She showed up to my studio with succulents, greenery, and some crazy cool flowers and I just got to watch her at work. She even left an arrangement for me to enjoy for a few days following *I still have your container sitting on my counter Cherie, don’t let me forget!*

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