Save it for a Rainy Day

When we first got married I thought that cutting back on eating out automatically meant you have to have a fresh home cooked meal every night. Over time I figured out that this is A) probably not actually cheaper B) completely overwhelming.

It took time but eventually I realized that in a two person home, leftovers are a reality and throwing them away is again, a big waste. But sometimes you get sick of leftovers.

Soup is one of my favorite foods. Even though the weather is warming up I will still keep the ingredients for our go-tos ready in case there is a dreary day. Georgia friends know that our weather goes from rainy and chilly to boiling hot and muggy one right after the other, which then leaves me leftover soup on a hot day and the chances of Texan being okay with that are none.

So I started intentionally freezing soup. And it is wonderful. There is nothing glamorous to it, I Googled freezing soup to see if there was anything I should know. The internet says potatoes don’t freeze well but found nothing wrong with the frozen red potatoes in vegetable soup. I just let the soup cool to room temperature before I put it in the freezer.

I reheat it on the stove with a lid and it becomes a side for lunch or dinner after a long day. Texan likes to make fun of our fridge for being so empty but while freezer is packed but for me one of the greatest feelings ever is putting something away for a day when we really need it.


  • Make sure your container is tightly sealed. Frozen spilled soup sounds like a nightmare.
  • Label with the date… you don’t wanna wonder how old your food is.
  • If you freeze soup in a bag, freeze it flat, I usually put it on a baking sheet first so storage will be easier.
  • Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment that comes from knowing you have made your own day easier in a few weeks 🙂


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