New York Trip

The last six months of 2015 were incredibly busy but had some of the best memories. We bought/renovated our house, went to Disney World, and then I went to New York City with my mom and sister.

I am pretty sure my mom asked if I wanted to go New York over text.

I definitely wanted to enjoy it but was also weary that more often then not I am not a fan of big cities. So in getting ready for I tried to stay as opened minded as possible.

I watch a lot of T.V. and many of my normal shows are set in NY including Friends, Seinfeld, Brooklyn 99, and 30 Rock. The prospect of seeing the city is that often another character was exciting.

Staying open minded either worked very or wasn’t necessary at all because as we flew in I knew I loved it. Just being in La Guardia made me happy.

2015-12-10 12.51.34

I chose not to bring my real camera so I would completely in the moment and I am totally happy with that but I will certainly have it in tow next time.

The first afternoon/night I believe we walked 7 miles. And it was essentially just going back and forth between our hotel and 30 Rock.

2015-12-10 17.54.00

We obviously went during Christmas time but it stayed in 60s the whole time we were there. I was a tad warm because I had brought clothes for what I thought December in New York should be instead of checking a weather app.

But I’m glad my first time was during this season, I already love Christmas ( I go through a mild depression when it’s over) and this city does it so well. We went to see the Rockette’s and it was just as spectacular as I hoped. We were at an early showing and there were quite a few kids but I would still do it again. When I got home I watched it on Netflix three times. I miss New York.

2015-12-10 21.32.00-1

This is me super wishing Liz Lemon would walk out the building.
2015-12-10 18.25.31

My favorite part of the trip was seeing the buildings, I really liked the fire escapes for some reason. The last three days we got city bus passes and would ride to wherever we needed to go. I enjoyed having the freedom to just sit and look.

2015-12-11 15.32.40
2015-12-12 11.00.57

Outside Tiffany’s, I love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s so I at least wanted to see this. We went in shopped and oh man this place buzzing. If could have been a holiday rush but it looked like each floor was packed.

2015-12-12 11.15.23

Seeing famous people was not a high priority for me because I do not possess the multitasking capabilities to to scan for recognizable faces and look around the city but we had one unexpected surpise of seeing Andrea Bocelli preform a few songs in Times Square. I believe he had a sign in his case that sad he was raising money for the homeless.

My in-laws are big fans of his so I have heard his voice often but had a hard time believing someone so famous was preforming for such a small crowd so unannounced but it was incredibly cool and will be hard to follow up.

2015-12-11 14.50.04-2

I have a short video of him singing, I wish I would have taken more but again I was pretty stunned.

Andrea Singing (let it load)

Texan works at a company that makes bridge girders I sent him lots of pictures of the bridges there,
2015-12-13 15.13.22-1 We saw Live! Kelly and Michael which was interesting, I used to love Kelly and Regis as kid and it was surreal to see Kelly sitting so close.The process was a lot of standing and waiting, then sitting and waiting. I will definitely try to see another taping of a show when I go back just maybe one we don’t have to get up so early for… This was also the only time we took the subway, which was fun but I prefer seeing the buildings as we walked the city.2015-12-14 09.24.51-1

We saw several shows and being a huge broadway fan I was very happy with that. My favorite was Kinky Boots and Wayne Brady was staring in it while we were there. I was always a fan of “Who’s line is it anyway?” and then we lived in the townhome, I watched daytime T.V. while I edited or did school work and loved “Let’s Make a Deal,” so standing outside the theater doors to wait was 100% worth it. He came out and told everyone to get out their phones because he would take a selfie with us all. My picture is isn’t a selfie though, thats just how close my mom got.

2015-12-11 23.11.56

The ferry boat out to see the Statue of Liberty was the coldest we got but it was still mild compared to what I had thought it would be.

The financial district was beautiful on foot and by boat.

Overall, I wanted to leave with every piece of “I <3 NY” memorabilia I could find. It was the most captivating place I’ve been. I have a terrible habit of getting bored or restless, I doodle, read, or take notes completely unrelated to where I am at. But in New York I never got bored, I don’t even think I complained about all the walking. What I wanted to was wake up early and walk all over the city all day. And stop and see some musical along the way.

2015-12-13 15.50.04-2


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