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We are back from the Texas reception. It turned into a nice little marriage retreat for us. At his parents church on Sunday we heard Robert Wolgemuth and Bobbie Wolgemuth speak. They had a powerful testimony and have just written a book called “Couples of the Bible,” that I am hoping to read with Tyler soon.

In other news my friend Stephen is graduating this Saturday and moving to L.A. It’s sad for me to see him go but he has had big dreams since high school and watching the past years few years as he made them real has been amazing. And I got to take some grad photos for him 🙂

In wedding news, if you’re not sick of it yet 🙂 I’ll share the photos in chucks to A) not overload anyone B) I honestly couldn’t narrow down so you all just have to bare with me.

First off, My photographer was Ivey Mischel and her second shooter was Roxanne. We LOVED them. I felt like (and my bridesmaids agreed) that they weren’t just there taking pictures of the day but they felt extra bridesmaids being so helpful and fun. Throughout the engagement and then the wedding I did not have a moment where a broke down and teared up or cried. I think was just all too fast for that but going through the pictures they took I finally did get emotional. They captured the day perfectly and I could not be happier with the pictures they gave us. If you’re in this area I would truly recommend  either of them because they will not disappoint.

I love these memories of my brides maids getting ready. They are just precious and adorable and I’m so glad I pictures of it.

One of my absolute favs

The model car Tyler built/made for me the first few months we dated 🙂

TOMS ballet shoes. SO COMFORTABLE! 
Thunderstorms were expected all day but the sun ended up shining!
And finally our new favorite recipe. We are trying to cooking a little lighter in our house because one member of this family would eat pasta every day if they could (me, I am that member) annnd that’s not good for you. So I made this Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa and we both loved it.
I used two cups of vegetable broth for one cup of quinoa just because that is the ratio I have always used when I made it. I didn’t put the broccoli in till about twelve minutes after the quinoa had been cooking because I like it to still have some crunch and I like the color of freshly steamed vegatables. Even though I love cheese, too much cheddar is gross to me so I put just little less than a cup and almost doubled the amount of broccoli and it tasted great.

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