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I often say I love walls. People laugh nervously because it sounds weird but I am pretty darn gung-oh about making the things that are typically considered confining and limiting, (do those words mean the same thing? I feel like I need them both right now) inspiring and sentimental. I have a how-to on gallery walls gathering internet dust over in my drafts. I’ll get to it eventually.

So when it came time bring this print to life, I did tons of research on my options for getting it to you. I knew I wanted it framed because I love frames. I also know there are many cheap options for frames and I know that YOU know this.

I have a frame from Hobby Lobby (love Hobby Lobby for their art supplies; hate their frames). I pretty much have to pretend that frame isn’t there, its cheap looking, cracked when I put the sawtooth in it, and because there is no mat, it doesn’t actually fit the poster in it. *Some women need the perfect throw pillow on their sofa; I need quality frames in my house. We all have our ‘things’* So as tempting as it was, I knew I couldn’t sell you something that I wouldn’t hang myself.

So I went back what I think I always knew I would do. You see my sophomore year of college I started working at The Portrait Gallery. They also own Hand Crafted Framing. It wasn’t uncommon for me to have to put the pictures we took as the Portrait Gallery into frames. Now this is not a hard job but if you want a lesson in patience spend ten minutes trying to a speck of dust of the picture of a babies cheek without getting more dust inside or oil from from you skin transferring. Or scratching the frame beyond repair, which is pretty much my nightmare because I don’t want someone to have to build a new one because of me.

My standard of framing increased dramatically during this time.

Fast forward to now and they built two gorgeous options for my print. They come ready to go on a wall with a sawtooth hanger because those are my favorite (have you ever tried to hang two nails at the same perfectly level height? That’s my other nightmare.) The print is also high quality, it won’t be fading for many, many years.

I only have three framed prints left, contact me if you want one!

Framed Print: $90

Just the Print: $25

  1. Mandy Garrett

    January 5th, 2016 at 9:46 AM

    I love this! I know I get frames from Hobby Lobby, but I am no professional. I would love to get your input on making a wall in our home full of the signs from our wedding. I also want to do a wall of picture frames.


    January 15th, 2016 at 8:43 AM

    Mandy! I don’t know how I miss this! I love walls, I would love to talk about it one day!

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