I am not Photographing my Best Friend’s Wedding

Chelsea is getting married next month,

I have had several people (more than three, thats several right?) ask if I am doing the pictures day of. I am honestly quite surprised people would think I would. I am honored Chelsea’s family has stuck with me as their family’s photographer the last 4 or so years but I am way more honored that being the wedding photographer was never even on the table. Chelsea wanted me standing next to her that’s a way bigger deal to me because that means they want me IN the pictures.

One person asked if I was nervous letting someone else handle it.

Nope. Matt and Chelsea’s photographer Amy Owen is one who’s work I have been a fan of years and before they had even begun deciding on a who they wanted, Chelsea and I had texted back and forth links to her work just because we are girls like that.

So day of, I am not going to worry about lighting or composition I am going to be totally ready to do all the things she did for me, carry the train, hide the fact that the the musicians lost their notebook, and enjoy every minute.



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