How to Throw a (Really Great!) Shower

Throw a Really Great Wedding Shower

Okay elephant in the room. Does anyone really like throwing/attending/being the center of attention at showers? Okay I am SURE someone out there absolutely loves every minute of it but in my opinion they often put already exasperated brides on the spot and they have to they have to smile while getting their third toaster and answer “How’s the wedding planning going,” for the millionth time.

So I made a goal for Chelsea’s last shower; it was going to be her smallest allowing me to have more freedom in the planning and the potential for it to be as fun as possible and here is how.

Take some inspiration from children’s parties
There is a reason little kids look forward to birthday parties so much, they are doing it right. Her party just happen to fall on cinco de mayo so we had pinata. Other good options would be a craft that the guests get to take home. I want to be invited to a shower where you tie dye t-shirts.



Outsource some of the prep

As the person in charge, ask some people for help. Chelsea’s sister Kayla was in charge of picking up cupcakes (speaking of which, while baking is “my thing” I still chose to outsource it for a few reasons A) Small Cakes are the BEST! B) The stress of baking for only 8 girls wasn’t worth the time it would take C) there are dresses to be fit into, so too many leftovers is not ideal), asking Cherie to help resulted in her volunteering to do a flower wall, which turned out to be way better than the center piece I had been considering asking her to bring. So outsource to ease your stress but also because you are unlikely to be the expert of everything and the smallest tweak can lead to more successful party.

AugustaBridalShower089Throw a Really Great Wedding Shower

Ask the bride what she wants

Sometimes we get too caught up in checking all the boxes for a shower, we forget this is a time to celebrate someone special in our lives. Ask the bride if there is a food or drink she wants, what times are best for her and any activities that appeal to here. Remember not to forsake giving the bride a great experience just to show what an awesome party thrower you are 🙂

 How to Throw a Really Great Wedding Shower


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