How are those New Year Goals Looking?

You’re probably at that point in the year where your New Years Resolutions seem like ages ago.

You haven’t achieved or lived up to what you had in mind.

A simple one for us was to eat better (we are so original), go out to eat less, AND grocery shop less. But we had family in town this and I worked almost every night so eating out was the easier option.

But I am not stressed about our temporary fall from the food wagon because of a conversation I had with a friend a few years ago.

I don’t even remember why were discussing it but she said something to the effect of, “Mondays are my most productive and healthy days.” I was shocked because Mondays turn me into a ball of why-did-I-choose-to-watch-TV-when-I-could-have-been-productive-all-weekend.

She went on to say that she achieves these awesome Mondays by essentially resetting goals at the start of every week. So yes, this makes the joke “Diet starts Monday,” actually true. But that’s okay. So instead of thinking “This year I was supposed to….” Say, “This week I am going to…” If by the weekend you are back to square one, there’s always next week.

Purposely thinking like this has helped me tremendously. I give myself more grace and instead of giving up till the next set of resolutions, I am giving my goals another solid go every week. You can even take this further and and reset them every day.

So now I am leaving for a workout and today we are eating all three meals at home and those little facts make me feel accomplished today 🙂



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