Hilton Head Cheers to Chelsea

Finally posting this trip feels appropriate because tonight we are doing Chelsea’s bridal photos and I CANNOT wait!

Chelsea’s wedding feels like it came out of nowhere, were we not just scrambling like ants that got their mound kicked by a little kid all because rainy weather would not allow for the planned proposal spot???

Still one of the greatest days.

But we had our celebration of a Mattless Chelsea a few weeks ago and it was everything a bachelorette trip should be. Lots of sour cream and cheddar chips, Chips Ahoy, silly games, shopping and no one left without sunburn.

Sunrise the first morning, I wasn’t planning on going ¬†down but Chelsea literally ran into the bedroom door and woke me up.

HiltonHead001 HiltonHead005 HiltonHead012

One of several shopping stops. On this trip I bought a beach chair because I had forgotten one and to remember our time by. Turns out I have two of this EXACT same chair down to the color, so I am never allowed to buy a beach chair again…

Hilton Head shopping HiltonHead030 HiltonHead032

A motley crew.

HiltonHead036 HiltonHead038 HiltonHead043 HiltonHead046

A beach day that ended in a glowy pictures of goofiness. We should always do this.

Cherie had an obsession with “being the seal,” that no one got even when she explained it.

HiltonHead063 HiltonHead093 HiltonHead103 HiltonHead105 HiltonHead114 HiltonHead127 Hilton Head shells beach HiltonHead151 HiltonHead157 HiltonHead167 HiltonHead193

HiltonHead186HiltonHead220 HiltonHead227 HiltonHead241


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