Fall Sessions

This past year I took a major step back from shooting families but for this season I opening those back up again and adding some fun (and functional) products for the first time.

Between now and about half way through November, I will offer family and couples sessions. Families this is the time to get that Christmas card photo that just keeps getting pushed back and for couples this a chance to update your photos together. For some reason after the wedding we stop getting pictures with our love (talking to myself as well here) but we need to remember celebrate marriage and being together.

I put a lot of thought and research into the product offering this year and ultimately picked something based one the most thoughtful gifts  I’ve ever received.

I grew up looking at pictures kept in our hallway. One was of my grandfather’s school basketball team and the other was a simple photo of my grandparents in their Sunday best on their wedding day. I love these photos and just before I got married my mom had them copied and put in frames for her siblings and had an extra set made for me. Being handed framed and ready to go photos is like Christmas for me (people who know me, know that I am a gallery wall addict).

So when you schedule a session over the next few weeks, you can choose to add an image box. It’s a tough but elegant looking little box that will hold (10) 4×6 thick prints. You won’t have to worry about these getting crinkled as you pass them around at Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

And the greatest pro of this is you can choose two or three of those prints frame them and pass on the love to the people around you.

Email leah979@comcast.net or fill out the contact portion of this site to schedule a session!

1-Hour Session: $200

Image Box: $100


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