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I finally got a chance to photograph my friend Kaili and her boyfriend. I feel we should go ahead and clarify these aren’t engagement photos but they turned out adorable and I am so excited about them. They are a couple that is willing to laugh at themselves and that is what makes them fun to work with. And at the end we took some of just Kaili for her parents since she just moved out of town. I am in love with the whole shoot but for now here is just a few 🙂

And in other news I think I have finally figured out a good size to save the photo that does justice to the original but also you know… actually loads on the blog.

I get a lot of questions from people once we start planning a session.

Getting ready to for a photo session is something you can either way overthink or be very unprepared. Doing either can can cause problems.

I know ladies especially can agonize over pictures when they are returned and pick out small details that ruin the session for them. Whether your a senior, couple, engaged, or a family you have to remind yourself that photos are often the most treasured mementos from the season of life you are in. Knowing that it seems appropriate that that you make the subject of the photos look it’s best. These are just some simple steps you can adapt a few weeks before and feel more confident day of. Most don’t cost extra expenses from your normal routines and are easy to incorporate into your schedule.

1) The Biggie

Drink lots of water starting at least week before the shoot.

I think must photographers secretly wish everyone just drank water (even though of us drink plenty of caffeine ourselves). Water does wonders for you skin. Helps clear up blemishes and adds a nice glow. I you already love water, good keep it up. If you hate it, try flavors or green tea for a week. while you’re at it, stay go easy on the salt for a few days. It will pay off I promise.

2) Nails

Please don’t come with chipped nails. It’s better to come with clean unpainted nails than with chipped polish. Unless we are going for a vary certain stay away from green or blue nails.

If you’re the glamorous type a pretty red is great. A french or American manicure are classics.

If you aren’t into the bright colors, soft nude colors are always lovely

3) Love your skin 

Whatever this means for you.

If you like getting facials, spring for one a about a week before but if you have never had one, do not start a week before the shoot because you don’t know how your skin will react.

I love lotion, using Aveeno Daily Mosturising lotion on my face and neck every day and Cetaphil about once a week.

Honesty moment. I got acne in forth grade. One time a kid asked if I fell face first into an ant hill (you can laugh, I definitely do). But it helped me learn a lot about skin care. Use sunscreen, again drink water, and don’t irritate (pick) blemishes.

4) Hair

Please, get you’re color fixed before the shoot. Ombre can be cute, roots are not.

If you’re getting a haircut make it a week or so before so you may become acquainted with styling it. I don’t recommend getting a drastic change right before pictures unless you’re totally sure.

If you decide to get your hair professionally done be sure you trust the stylist and/or have the style done before.

5) Details

Finally, Get the little things done.

Iron clothes

If you’re engaged, get your ring cleaned. Many times the place you bought your ring will clean it for free. If not look up some ways on Pinterest and Google.

Little thing like these add up. Your photos will look more fresh and put together and you will ultimately be happier with the results.

Sure, many of these things can be fixed in Photoshop. I love Photoshop. My dad taught me to use it in middle school and I’ve been addicted to it ever since. But I want to use it to enhance your photos not to “fix”

Stay tuned over the next several weeks as I try to tackle the subject of “what to wear”


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