Baby Birds

We lead exceptionally boring lives, 10PM is not an hour I see more than once a week and date nights at home are far preferred to going out because putting on real clothes/makeup makes me cranky.

So after months of discussion (we are also not spontaneous) we bought a birdhouse to solidify our grandma/grandpa lifestyle. There were already many creatures surrounding us because we are near a lot of trees and now it just feels like we live in a woodland forest.

Neither one of us grew up in homes with tons of trees and foliage so it has been exciting to learn about who we share our space with. So far we have at least two woodpeckers, three doves, a bluejay, lot’s of cardinals, an indigo bunting (look them up, they are gorgeous), tons of finches and other small birds, and about five billion squirrels.

But our greatest excitement was a few weeks ago when we found baby Northern Cardinals had been living in the bush outside our kitchen window. The next week and half or so I was always stopping by their home to see what they were up to. The mom made me laugh when she was there because she had such an piercing stare. Once the babies opened theirs we found they had her eyes.

The morning I realized they were gone was a little sad. We know that sometimes birds will leave the nest even before they can fly so we checked all around their bush but they were no where to be found.

I hope those babies stick around and come to our feeder but I also hope the mama continues to use that nest even though we were so nosey!


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