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The studio I work for in Augusta shot film for over 20 years before going digital around 2007 so I have attempted to organized boxes and boxes of negatives. As a kid my dad bought me film cameras and I have the all the double prints in a large basket to prove it. At Augusta State I took photography to trick myself into enjoying school. I planned to use my dad’s old film camera but the shutter wouldn’t work. I ordered a new body but got to use the original lens. After the first few weeks of developing film I knew that job wasn’t for me.

I also shot much differently back then. Photoshop my crutch to fix my mistakes and I wasn’t confident in exposure yet. Overall, I finished that class very confident I would not be one of those film hybrid photographers.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and cleaning out my office. That film camera and several rolls of expired filmier buried in a closet. I had been in this constant debate with myself on how I planned to document our trip to New York. My usual camera is heavy and bulky and I feel like I have to constantly protect it.

The AE-1 made a perfect stand-in for the few days in the city.

My friend Griffin just happened to message me a few days after and ask me to be the model for a film photography class she is taking at the Gertrude Herbert , I brought my camera along so I could get a little practice in to make sure I still knew how to use it.


These two photos are actually from my college class about three years ago, I believe they were taken at Patriots Park


Chastain Park Concert Atlanta


Last week, some friends and I went to the Ben Rector concert at Chastain Park  in Atlanta it was definitely the nicest outdoor venue I have been to. The concert itself was unforgettable and impossible to not have fun. We ate at Superica and as someone who is constantly sad about the Tex-Mex/Mexican food situation in Georgia, I thought it was AMAZING. Can’t wait to go back and take the Texan because I know he will be excited.


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