3 Things to Make with Cookie Butter

My mom told me about cookie butter maybe a year ago because she is always ahead of the times like that, but I was still baking everything with Nutella and pumpkin so I don’t remember if I ever actually tried it. So after the holidays this year I was scrolling through my favorite baking blog looking for things to make that seemed “winter-y” but not too “Christmas-y.” Yes, I overthink cookies.

Enter Cookies Butter and I made up a reason to go to Publix, which I think I claimed we needed Ragu. Side note I have not found cookie butter at Kroger, for the people who prefer to get fuel points while shopping. I think that was three weeks ago and we are on our third jar… in my defense though, I have cookie butter cookie dough in the freezer and have baked for other people. Our house has probably only eaten one jar. I hope. Their jars are really small.

These are my favorites things that we have had so far

  1. Blondies these things are just out of this world. I don’t usually care for blondies but these are amazing! The only downside is you are supposed to let them set for three hours. Don’t just assume you can skip or even just go ahead and cut them at 2 hours and 15 minutes because them will still be extremely gooey and not pretty enough for a picture BUT everyone will still eat them all so no worries. Also they toe the line for me on being too sweet for me (very hard to do) if I make them again may use semisweet or even dark chocolate instead of white.
  2. Those blondies need one whole egg and one egg yolk, if you feel guilty about throwing away an egg white, save it in the fridge and make Baked Oatmeal for One the next day. The Texan loves this recipe partially because it’s delicious and partially because I never get up to make him breakfast so this is a nice change. To make it easier to mix heat up the cookie butter in the microwave for thirty seconds at ten seconds intervals and if you started out with a whole egg bring it to room temp in a bowl of warm water.
  3. And finally, if your not on the cookie butter bandwagon just try it with a apple or banana… or just a spoon. I like them all.

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